The Travel Mission Processing System allows DoDEA employees to establish travel orders and transportation contract forms, track the status of their travel orders and display their travel orders. Federal and private companies that provide travel services for the organization of transportation and accommodation services for persons authorized to travel on official business trips at the state`s expense. Traveller`s name, Social Security number (SSN), title/grade, residence address, postal address, pension code, district name, release of official station and site, new official service and location. Specific travel information, including travel order number, date of registration for the new service, purpose of the trip (including round trip for hunting at home), mode of transportation, name of family travelling, estimates of travel expenses and vouchers. Financial information including information relating to the state code/budget, employment offices, temporary quarters/maintenance costs, sending household goods and government invoices, obligation to obtain travel funds, travel receipts, travel status information, registers relating to the actual payment of travel funds and other authorized expenses. In addition to the generally accepted references to 5.C 552a (b) of the Privacy Act of 1974, these recordings may be disclosed outside the DoD as routine use in accordance with point 5.C 552a (b) (3) below: The individual traveller or any other authorized doD staff member responsible for processing travel orders. DoDEA Travel Orders Processing System (TOPS) (May 19, 2011, 76 FR 28961) Records are stored in office buildings protected by controlled screening, the use of visitor records, electronic access and/or locks. Access to registrations is limited to persons duly screened in the performance of their official duties and erased on the basis of knowledge needs. The login and passwords are used to control access to the system date and procedures are available to discourage and detect unauthorized navigation and access. Physical and electronic access is limited to those responsible for the maintenance and authorized to use the registration system. To banking institutions for the purpose of confirming billing or fee data .

. . OsD rules on access to records, content challenges and remediation of the agencies` initial decision-making process are included in the Office of the Secretary of Defense Administrative Instruction 81; 32 CFR, Part 311; or can be purchased by the system manager. DoDEA of civilian staff and/or family members needed to complete travel documents for employment or relocation. Requirements must include the full name, NSS, office or organization of the person to whom they were transferred during the trip, the date or date (s) of the trip, and the address to which a response is to be sent. The requirements must contain the full name, NSS, office or organization of the person in whom they were assigned during the trip, travel data, the address to which a response or recording must be sent, and the name and number of that registration system that communicates it. The requirement must sign the letter of requirement or a document authorizing another person to access their information. Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA), Human Resources Regional Service Center, Functional Automation – Information Management Section, 4040 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203-1365.

5 U.S.C 5701-5702, Travel, Transportation and Sustenance; Common Travel Regime, Volume 2, Chapter 5, Permanent Missions; and E.O. 9307 (SSN) as amended. The records are kept for six years and then destroyed. The “Blanket Routine Uses” DoDs, compiled at the beginning of the Office of the Defense (OSD), also apply to this system. Anyone who wants to know if information about themselves is contained in this recording system should send written questions to the Privacy Act Officer, Department of Defense Education Activity, 4040 North Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA 22203-1365.