A. If the owner of a dwelling unit has actually divided, That the unit was previously used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and was not cleaned in accordance with the guidelines of page 32.1-11.7 and the applicable licensing provisions of Chapter 11 (Article 54.1-1100 and following) of Title 54.1, the lessor must provide a potential tenant with written information containing this information. This disclosure is made before the execution of a tenancy agreement written by the tenant or, in the case of an oral tenancy agreement, before the tenant has occupied. B. Any non-resident real estate owner permanently designates and maintains a representative who is a natural person, resides in the Commonwealth or, if that representative is a corporation, limited liability company, corporation or other entity, is authorized to do business in the Commonwealth and (ii) has a business office within the Commonwealth. Any rental contract executed by or on behalf of non-resident owners with respect to such real estate determines that agent and the agent`s office address specifically for the purpose of notifying a lawsuit, notification, order or claim legally prescribed or admitted for the purpose of assailing it to such a non-resident owner. A. No landlord or executive representative may disclose to a third party information about a potential tenant or tenant in the possession of the lessor or executive agent, unless there are final terms, even if there is no written tenancy agreement, is a blessing for tenants. It offers a level of tranquility that did not usually exist, and is important for landlords and tenants to understand.

J. Each lessor may designate one or more damage insurance, whose landlord accepts damage insurance instead of a security deposit. These insurers must be listed in the written rental agreement. A. The owner of real estate located in a location where a military air facility is located or anyone authorized to enter into a lease agreement on his behalf must communicate in writing to a potential tenant that the property is located in a noise zone or accident-free zone or both, as indicated by the locality on its official land use card. This disclosure is made before the execution of a tenancy agreement written by the tenant or, in the case of an oral tenancy agreement, before the tenant has occupied. The indication must indicate the noise zone or accident risk zone in which the property is located, in accordance with the official land use map of the site. Any disclosure provided in accordance with this section, containing inaccurate information about the location of the noise zone or the risk of an accident, is considered undisclosed, unless the inaccurate information is provided by an official or staff member of the location of the property.

E. The obligations of the victim as a tenant according to . 55.1-1227 remain until the termination comes into force in accordance with paragraphs .B. All tenants of the rental agreement with the victim remain responsible for the rent of the balance of the tenancy agreement. If the offender is the sole tenant bound by the tenancy agreement, the landlord may terminate the tenancy agreement and against the offender after . 55.1-1251 The regulation of leases and leases is at the state level, where laws set maximum bonds and other rules for the tenant-lease ratio. In Virginia, sureties must not exceed two months` rent and must be returned within 30 days of the end of the lease (minus the amount required for cleaning or repair). Discrimination on the basis of family status (in addition to federal protection) is strictly prohibited.