The VA`s Chief Police Officer has become involved in the debate on improving the pay of police officers as negotiations for a new industrial agreement continue. Below is a list of active public sector awards and agreements. This list is maintained by public sector labour relations. Although every attempt is made to ensure that the information on this page is up to date, the accuracy, currency and reliability of the information cannot be guaranteed. The service disclaims any responsibility for claims that may arise from persons acting on this information or that do not act on this information. The union has launched a new promotional campaign to gain more public support, as negotiations for a new labour agreement result in mediation within the VA`s Industrial Relations Committee. The latest list of the latest public sector awards and agreements in Western Australia can be find on the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website. “Ideally, both sides would be able to reach an agreement.” In a press release today, Mr. Arnott also took a stab in the back of the government for “police victories.” From Karratha police station to white sand, and a few hundred kilometers in between, a group of policemen prepares for the annual Karratha for… Read more 85 percent of respondents voted for the agreement.

GEORGE Tilbury, President of the WAPU, said that MPs had taken into account the difficult financial situation that is currently at the forefront of the state as a whole when they accept the ICC`s offer. Take advantage of our comprehensive training, continuing education and professional development. In Loving Remembrance of Paul Kosovich 6657 4/12/1962 – 5/12/2019 By Jessica Cuthbert A friendly man, loving husband, devoted father and dedicated police… Read more At a press conference on Thursday, Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said police were “entitled to fair wages.” “In the beginning, the government came to our hard-earned terms and offered only a fundamental increase in CPI salaries. We were able to argue that we were able to maintain all of our conditions and ensure that we were offered an increase in the adjusted consumer price index for the first year. At the WA Police Force, we take care of our number one resource – you! The police are opening the door to a long and fulfilling career with a number of benefits, including: There is now a Commission consultation between the union and the government. The VA police offer competitive salaries and good career prospects. Starting salaries are as follows: our role is described in legislation, including the Public Sector Management Act 1994, as enhancing the efficiency, efficiency and capacity of the public sector to meet existing and emerging needs; and provide quality services. By Jessica Cuthbert No one should have to endure the traumatic, abhorrent and unimaginable scenes that police officers face. But they do on a Dail… Learn more With the VA police, we want to help you become the best thing you can be in your role.

We believe that you are better able to seize more opportunities and develop if you get the right tools to continue learning. Conduct Aboriginal cultural surveys of pre- and post-cremation incineration and support the physical protection of Aboriginal sites. We work hard to create a safe and enjoyable workplace by minimizing the risk of injury and disease and promoting positive health and well-being – physical, psychological and spiritual. As reported today in The West Australian, the VA Police Union compared the McGowan government to a “schoolyard bully” as it tries to negotiate a better pay for the state`s 6,000 officers. We offer a variety of flexible vacation options: 98 per cent of VA police officers are members of the VA police union.