Whether it is an airport, an industrial facility, a power plant, a hospital, a commercial tower, a residential project or another property, so that a project retains its value, is attractive to its users and operates as intended, it must be properly operated and maintained. This is usually done by appointing a Facility Manager as part of an facility management contract. An asset audit should also be conducted prior to the expiry or termination of the facility management contract, and the service provider should be required to correct the asset defects resulting from the service provider`s breach. The employer should have the right to instruct a third party to remedy these deficiencies (at the expense of the service provider) if the service provider does not correct them adequately. Where appropriate, the services and supply elements of the business and its divested business are grouped together to determine service costs. The supplier may not unduly withhold, delay or submit its consent to the renewal of this agreement with respect to the divested entity or the business entity and the services remaining to be provided to the company. In the event that the parties are unable to reach agreement on such an innovation and the entity chooses to terminate or terminate all or part of the services, as they relate to the acquired or divested business, the provider provides redundancy assistance services in accordance with the terms of this agreement. No conflict. The performance, supply and performance of this contract is not inconsistent with a violation, violation of a late payment (or an event that would be delayed at the announcement or expiry of the deadline or both), consent in accordance with or other termination, modification, acceleration, acceleration, suspension, suspension, cancellation or cancellation of a note , borrowing, mortgage or closing, contract, lease, sublease, license, franchise or other instruments or agreements with a party. Contracts awarded. “contracts awarded,” third-party agreements awarded in whole or in part to a company`s supplier or associated companies, agreements that must be identified as “contracts awarded” to Schedule 10 (contracts or enterprise contracts awarded and managed) of Schedule A (description of services) or an applicable order.